Jim Petruzzi

The Academy is run and founded by Jim Petruzzi. Jim trained at the highly respected Australian Institute of Sport and developed as a player in the same teams as Harry Kewell, Paul Okon and Christian Vieri. As one of the best right backs in the league, Jim was tipped for national honours for his native Australia until injury cut his career short.
Undeterred, he embarked on a career in training, winning numerous top class players at both national and international level as his students. He has worked with players from several UK Premiership teams including West Ham, QPR and Crystal Palace, along with many international teams and players. Jim has also worked at the infamous Bobby Charlton Academy where players such as David Beckham were spotted.

Jim spent a number of years in Italy, Romania and America as a fitness coach before opening his own UK Academy, He has also worked as a fitness coach in several other sports, including Olympic athletics.
His extensive credentials include qualifications from the UK’s leading sports university, Loughborough and The American College of Sports Medicine.

A qualified UEFA coach, he is considered to be one of the world’s best trainers and receives extensive media coverage for his achievements. Author of bestselling, Only a Game, Jim is regularly approached by leading magazines
and newspapers to provide comment on football and fitness features.

One To One Skills Specialist Coach | David Dias, former Angola International

DD-Football_Banner_Draft-2 An ex-Angolan international football player has played for African Nation in 1996 in South Africa. In 1996-1997 he played for World Cup Qualifiers for France 1998. David Dias has also played in Portugal as professional footballer in a Sporting Lisbon Youth Team, he then went to Torreense F.C League 2 were they were the winners. He then played in F.C Maia in the championship. He stopped playing professionally in 2000.

Since retired playing David has come to England and has been involved in Rochdale Football in the community and also in Roftra he has assisted in co-ordination of sporting events and coaching session within deprived estates in Rochdale. He also has been involved in Bury F.C for nearly 3years now; he is currently working at the Bacup Borough FC and Pro-vision Academy North West where he works with Jimmy Petruzzi. David has also made a lot of progress by building his own academy which is called DD Football Academy which takes place at Soccer Village on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s. He has used his talent as a coach across spectrum of age groups we cover from 7 to 18.
He has also won the Manchester United Tournament Football in the community under 10’s and this took place in 2007. He won the Roseball Tournament with Bury FC’s under 10’s.

David has been nominated Coach of the year twice and this year he has been nominated for the third time at Rochdale Borough Community Sports Awards.

David worked with many young kids that they never had a career in Football but they are now in Football Clubs. For example one of the players Travis is playing in Blackburn Rovers under 15,

Puria who is now playing in Sheffield United under 16, Nuno who plays for Bury FC under 14’s, Musalam play’s in Bury FC under 15’s.

David cannot guarantee that you are going to be at the finest Football Clubs, but he will do his best for you to be the best.

David has also worked with Manucho Goncalves a angolan international,whom is an ex-Manchester United football player,who is now playing in Valladolid in Spain.

The services that David offers are:  David is very good at Dribbling Techniques.

Individual Skills

  • Basic ball control
  • Manipulating the ball
  • Short passing
  • The block tackle
  • The slide tackle
  • Effective shooting
  • Running with the ball
  • Heading skill
  • Distance passing
  • Hook turns
  • Dribbling

Team Skills

  • Moving off the ball
  • The Wall Pass
  • Overlapping Runs
  • Getting behind the ball
  • Where do we pass and why
  • Possession game
  • Passing and communicating
  • Effective crossing skills
  • Blind side runs
  • Effective marking
  • Build-up play

Contact Details: ddfootballacademy@live.co.uk